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Mr Lam - Guardian Interview on Technological Innovations
Mr Francis Lam

Innovations in the materials used for operations like joint replacements and repairing torn ligaments can make a big difference to the chances of getting good results. There’s a huge research effort to develop new materials that will give patients and surgeons more options and improve the probability of a long-term recovery....

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Mrs Doris Clements - reverse polarity total shoulder replacement

During the middle of 2012, I began to experience a lot of pain in my shoulder, it became so severe that I had problems changing gear in my car. My doctor sent me for physiotherapy which was no help. Then a referral to see Mr Lam, who said he could do me a replacement shoulder, which until then I had no idea was possible. I spent two nights in hospital after the operation, and within two weeks at home I was able to dress myself and sleep without discomfort. After six weeks, I was back to driving with no pain at all. To celebrate my 81st birthday, I decided to do a tandem skydive and I raised money for a new scanner needed at Paul Strickland Centre. Anything is possible.

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