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Reverse Polarity Total Shoulder Replacement

Video demonstrating the range of movements possible following a reverse polarity total shoulder replacement

Mrs Doris Clements, Uxbridge, reverse polarity total shoulder replacement

Tandem SkydiveDuring the middle of 2012, I began to experience a lot of pain in my shoulder, it became so severe that I had problems changing gear in my car. My doctor sent me for physiotherapy which was no help. Then a referral to see Mr Lam, who said he could do me a replacement shoulder, which until then I had no idea was possible. I spent two nights in hospital after the operation, and within two weeks at home I was able to dress myself and sleep without discomfort. After six weeks, I was back to driving with no pain at all.

To celebrate my 81st birthday, I decided to do a tandem skydive and I raised money for a new scanner needed at Paul Strickland Centre.

Anything is possible.

Can I swim after a shoulder replacement?

"I guessed I had arthritis in both shoulders when over several years it became increasingly painful to lift my arms, difficult to lay down comfortably and to do many of the daily tasks which I had always taken for granted. Finally after confirmation x-rays my GP referred me to Mr. Lam who recommended reverse polarity total replacement of both shoulders. Mr. Lam explained to me that after the operation I would be pain-free but I would most probably still have some restricted movement. I put off this drastic step for a long time and continued to cope until I was suffering extreme pain, unable to sleep and having difficulty managing personal hygiene. So at age 77 I asked Mr Lam to go ahead. I was really scared but he was totally calming and understanding and all his team were patient and reassuring."

"I had the surgery on my right shoulder first and was able to go home after only two nights in hospital. The arthritic pain in that shoulder was gone and I was amazed at the short time, with the aid of physiotherapy, I recovered the use of my shoulder and arm; able to do most things only 6-8 weeks after the operation. Beating all my expectations."

"I had the same operation on the left shoulder just under a year after the first with the same amazing result. I am now able to live a normal life, enjoy my young grandchildren, swim and forget I ever had anything wrong with my shoulders. Two almost invisible scars which people have to look for are the only reminder of the experience which was far less frightening and painful than I expected."

"Mr Lam, I am in awe of your wonderful work. Thank you so much for giving me back my quality of life and the freedom of movement I thought I had lost for ever."

Anne Stevens Uxbridge July 2015

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